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Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 5.50 Lakh
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50473421
Closing Date 30 - Jul - 2022  |  33 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of equipments - mixing blade - cage type whip, containers shape - cylindrical shell with hemispherical bottom, volume - 8 litters, blade motion - planetary motion, motor - with variable speed operation, control devices, indicators, switch gears, overload protection, safety interlock, foam mold, aluminium alloy mold, dbp absorption apparatus, provision for measuring the volume of dbp for polymer technology department.
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50287618
Closing Date 29 - Jul - 2022  |  32 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of movable articles, sofa double set -1 , single-2, teapa -1, chair-4, tube light -1 , fan-1, show light -3, triple set sofa -1, double set sofa -1, single sofa-4, teapa -1,lighting lamp (metal)-1, showcase with show lamp -4, tube light -2, mirror-1, flower stand-5, tube light -2 ,fan-1, a/c-1,white marker board-1, photos-10, woofer -1, stabilizer -1, phone-1, stool-1, rolling chair-2, c-shaped table- 1, metal dust bin- 1,a wooden rack with files, wooden pieces & stationaries, plastic dust bin-1, show lamp-1 in bath room, fax machine-1, waste papers in box, flower stand a glass rack & books, files, a box black color, sony-40 tv -1, vcd player -1, home theater 2, tv rack having so many small things, eicher -1, triple set wooden sofa -2, single wooden sofa-1, dining table with 10 wooden cushion chairs, rolling chair-1, plastic chair -1, tube light-1, fan with show lamp-2, a rack with so many glass Utensils along ceramic Utensils, flower stand-2, wash basin-2 with mirrors, round chair -1, inverter -1, table standing fan – 1, wooden rack – 2 nos, teapo round size -1, wooden door unused -3, empty can-5 nos, tube light -12, wooden table -1, black syntax -1, weight shifting m/c -1, double cot-1, steel chair -3, sewing machine set-1, wooden chair-28, showcase set scrap -1, scrap wooden articles-1, flower stand- 1, wooden rack small-1, cement rack with wooden doors-1,seat cover , sewing machine, wall fan-2, exhaust fan-1, mirror-1, height stand steel -1, tread mill-1, gym equipment-1, cycling -1, wooden table -1, weight lifting tools, tube light -1, show lamp-2, fan-2, steel frame wired cart -1, cushion-2 , wooden cart -2, steel rack dresses, tripleset wooden sofa-1, wooden table with top cases, a/c -1, tube light -2 showlamp-2, fan-2, steel bureau-3 with dresses , wooden bureau-dressess, wooden chair -1, plastic chair-1, wooden shelf, cupboard, vcr player -1, woofer-1, steel stand - 1, show lamp-2, tube light -1, fan-1, matha statue -1, photo-1, dressing table with mirror -1. double wooden cart with cushion -1, wooden rack -1, chair-1, sod elite radio-1, onida vcd player -1, onida – 20” tv black, speaker – 2, pillow - 3,tube light -1, show lamp -2, fan-2, a/c with stabilizer – 1, show lamp-1(bathroom) , wooden dressing table wall clock-1, steel stant-2, wooden glass shelf – full of books, cushion -1. chairs-3, rolling chair -1, steel chair -2, wooden tables-2, weighing m/c (micro gold),fan-1 , tube light -1, locker with 8 modern boxes and 4 racks, album – 1 , wooden table with racks, pillow-3, small wooden rack with pares & bibles, flower stand -2, a wooden rack with so many house hold articles, rolling chair -1, wall fan -1, shoe stand-1, with shoes & chapels, mirror in wall, show lamp-3, tube light -1, fan-1, chair-1, show lamp-1 in bath room. wooden table-1 with bible, standing table fan-1, wall mirror, a small wooden shelf-1, water heater -1 (bath room), show lamp-1, single cot with cushion & pillow-1(wooden),wooden double cot with cushion-1, bedsheet-1, seesaw chair-1, chair, desktop with cpu & computer table, scrap wall fan- 1,tube light-1, fan-2, a/c-1, dressing table with dresses, speaker-3, black wooden card board-1,shoe stand with 10 pair shoes, table mat-1, suit case -2, black color case -5(with zip) 3- bags with dresses. refrigerator -double door -1 with some things inside, show lamp-3,tube light -1, fan-1, wooden table -1, phone -1, silver, aluminum, glass Utensils. mixie, clay plat -4, plastic can-1 (blue color), a bag wooden box-1 along with kitchen utilities. dining table –set, wash basin-1, cot set-1, wooden chair-6, plastic chair-1, ancient grainder-1, pump-1, gas stowe-1, kitchen Utensils, tube light - 1, spare light -2. car tire waste & other things, waste tender coconut, 4 blue color cans, scrap gas stowe, a wooden table , plastic chair, wooden chair with cushion, shriram honda –ebk 2000ac , generatar-1, honda exx-2500 ,a/c , generator.kirloskar green, power ideas generator-1, s. no-09073543 year -2009 , 30 kva. cfi-1,fan-1,computer table-1,p lastic chair-3, steel chair-3,wodden rack,a wall watch,wodden rack with files,cpu-1.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.54 Lakh
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50445525
Closing Date 20 - Jul - 2022  |  23 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of various equipments - plastic cube moulds (100 mm size) , specifications:, size – 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm, made up of hard plastic, complete with cover, stopper and plastic sheet, demoulding using compressed air , plastic cube moulds (150 mm size) , specifications:, size – 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm, made up of hard plastic, complete with cover, stopper and plastic sheet, demoulding using compressed air , density basket, specifications:, to assess the specific gravity of aggregates as per is 2386 part 3, specifications, made of galvanized wire mesh, painted , diameter 20 cm, height 20 cm, spring balance, specifications:, max. capacity – 30 kg, accuracy – 10 g to mt lab-ii in civil engineering department.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50525504
Closing Date 15 - Jul - 2022  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of voltage type relay , ampere box type relay , lms type relay , ptc type relay , defrost timer , defrost heater , copper tube , flare nut , refrigerant 134 a , refrigerant 600 , refrigerant 22 , refrigerant 404 a , brazing rod , drier filter drier , compressor oil synthetic , refrigeration oil , gauge manifold with charging line , anchor bolt m8 , lighter gas , tread seal tape , g. i sheet , salt , m.s flat , nylon plug boq title supply of mechanical items
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50524106
Closing Date 13 - Jul - 2022  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Disposal of scrap, hospital iron cot, bed side table, kerosine stove, wood cot, s type office chair, wooden table frame, table, inverter 5 kva with battery, satellite receiver, inverter 2kva, samsung 14 inch tv, clock, field strength meter, telephone, emergency light with battery, channel distribution box, step down transformer, network box with 3 switch unit, window air condition, voltage stabilizer for ac, step up voltage regulator, battery, iron racks, aluminium dish antena, cable scrap, aluminium scrap, stay wires, iron scrap.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50460868
Closing Date 12 - Jul - 2022  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply, installation,testing and commissioning of scissor lift.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.20 Million / 12 Lakh
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50473284
Closing Date 12 - Jul - 2022  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of materials - stone aggregate (single size) 40 mm nominal size, stone aggregate (single size) 20 mm nominal size, coarse sand (zone iii), portland cement, hire charges of concrete mixer 0.25 to 0.4 cum with hopper, vibrator (needle type 40 mm) , sundries , royalty for good earth, stone for masonary work , through and bond stone size 24 x 24 x 39cm, stone aggregate(single size): 10 mm nominal size, solid blocks of size 30x20x15cm, structural steel such as tees, angles, channels and r.s. joists, red oxide zinc chromate primer, carriage, adjustable telescopic prop 3 m (2.02-3.75m), beam clamp 300-380 mm (450-1070 mm), wall form panel 1250 x 500 mm, corner angle 45 x 45 x 5 mm 2.5 m long, column clamp 450x1070 mm, prop 2 m (2-3.5m), second class kail wood in planks, second class kail wood in scantling , safeda ballies 125 mm diameter, adjustable span eso+si (2.35-3.40), twisted steel/deformed bars, fine sand (zone iv), stone aggregate(single size): 06 mm nominal size , interlocking c.c. paver block (60 mm thick, m-30) , vitrified floor tile 60x60 cm , carriage and sundries , ceramic glazed tiles ist quality minimum thickness 5 mm in all colours shades and designs except burgundy, bottle green black , water thinnable cement primer for interior wall surface, having voc content less than 50gms/litre, sal wood in scantling , hollock wood in planks, kiln seasoning of timber , bright finished or black enameled mild steel butt hinges 100x58x1.90 mm, bright finished or black enameled mild steel butt hinges 50x37x1.50 mm, bright finished or black enameled mild steel screws 40 mm, bright finished or black enameled mild steel screws 20 mm, pink primer (for wood), synthetic enamel paint in black or chocolate shade , 200 mm aluminium aldrop , iron hooks & eyes 100 mm, mild steel round bar above 12 mm dia , flats up to 10 mm in thickness, epoxy paint , vitreous china flat back wash basin 550x400 mm, 15 mm c.p.brass tap, c.p. brass waste 32 mm, c.i. bracket for wash basin and sinks , stainless steel kitchen sink - without drain board 470x420 mm bowl depth 178 mm, black plastic seat (soild) with lid c.p.brass hinges and rubber buffers , vitreous china pedestal type wate closet , flushing cistern p.v.c. 10 lts capacity (low level) (white) (with fittings, accessories and flush pipe), pvc pipe 50 mm outer dia.6kgf/cm2 , polyethylene water storage tank with cover and suitable locking arrangemnet , acrylic exterior paint, exterior primer, pvc pipe 110 mm outer dia 6kgf/cm2 , wall form panel 1250x500 mm, corner angle 45x45x5 mm 1.50 m, 100 mm channel shoulder 2.5 m long, double clip (bridge clip) , single clip, m.s. tube 40 mm, boulder 50 mm to 200 mm , gravel 5 mm to 10 mm , plastic emulsion paint, black japan for the construction of anganwady in ward 2.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value Rs. 9.02 Million approx. / 90.21 Lakh approx.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50445747
Closing Date 11 - Jul - 2022  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of groceries and provisions - ada, almond, almonds slice, apricot, aromat seasoning, asofoetida, asofoetida (cake), atta, aval, baking powder, balsamic vinegar, bamboo sticks, barbecue sauce, bason flour, bathing soap, biriyani masala, biscuits goodday, biscuits ordinary, black olive slice, blueberry crush, boost, bread crumbs, bread improver, broken wheat, brown sugar, cake gel, capers, cardammom, cashew nut full, cashew nut powder, cashewnuts split, chat masala, chena black, chena white, chicken masala, chilli flakes, chilly dry, chilly kashmiri, chilly powder, chilly sauce, chocolate, chocolate syrup hershey's, chocos flakes, cinnammon, clean wraps, cleaning scrub steel, cleaning sponge solid, cloves, coco powder, coconut milk powder, coconutoil, coffee powder, coriander powder, coriander seed, corn flakes, corn flour, cous cous, cumin seed, curry cover, custard powder, custard sugar, dal chena, dal masoor, dal moong, dal orid, dal tur, dalda, dark chocolate, dates, dried oregano, dried thyme, dry plums, dry yeast, egg masala, egg noodles, fennel seed, fish masala, french fries, fried dal, garlic, garlic paste, garlic powder, gelatine, gherkins, gingeley oil, gluten, gram flour, green curry paste, green gram, green mutter, green olives, green peas, green peppercorn, ground nut, gun powder, hoisin sauce, honey, horlicks, jaggery, jalapeno slice, jalapenos whole, jam, juice troppicana -guava, kaskas, kasthuri methi, kasundi mustred paste, kissmiss, kodampully, lime cordial, lobiya, macaroni pasta, madras curry powder, maggi noodle, maida, mango crush, maraschino cherries, matches, meat masala, methi, milk maid, milk powder, museli, mustard powder, mustard seed, nutmace, nutmeg, oats, olive oil extra virgen, onion powder, orange marmlade, oyster sauce, paneer masala paste, panko bread crumbs, panko crumbs, papad, paprika powder, parcel containers alluminum (250ml), parcel containers alluminum (500ml), parcel containers alluminum (750ml), passion fruit puree, peanut butter, peas dhal, penne pasta, pepper black, pepper powder, peri peri powder, pickle, pickle mix, pine apple essence, pista, poppy seeds, potato wedges, puliyogare mix, pumpkin seeds, quinoa white, ragi powder, rajmah, rasam powder, rava sooji, red cherry, red curry paste, rice (ponni), rice basumathi, rice boiled(jaya ), rice boiled(matta), rice doppy, rice powder (appam), rice powder (putt), saffron, sago, salad oil, salt, samba sooji, sambar powder, seasme seeds, seasoning powder, semiya/vermicelly, sesame oil, silver foil, soda powder, soya bean, soya chunk, soya milk, soyabean sauce, strawberry crush, sugar, sunflower oil, sweet corn, sweet corn soup mix, tabasco sauce, tahini sauce, tamarind, tea powder, teriyaki sauce, thakkolam, tomato paste, tomato peeled, tomato sauce, tomato sauce mix, turmeric powder, use and throw caps, veg mayonnaise, vegetable masala, vim bar, vim liquid/ dettol liquid, vineger, walnuts, washing powder, white chocolate, worcestershire sauce, yeast, yellow chilly powder.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50381191
Closing Date 06 - Jul - 2022  |  9 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of measuring steel tape , combination plier insulated , screw driver set , screw driver insulated , electrician screw driver thin stem insulated handle , heavy duty striking screw driver insulated is 844 , electrician screw driver thin stem insulated handle , punch centre , knife double bladed electrician , neon line tester, , steel rule graduated both in metric and english unit , hammer, cross peen with handle , plier side cuttting, insulated , electrician helmet , hammer ball peen with handle , pincer , c- clamp , spanner adjustable drop forged, ss , blow lamp brass , allen key alloy steel , grease gun , bradawl , pipe vice cast iron with hardened jaw open type , hand vice , table vice , scissors blade, ss, heavy duty , scissors blade, ss, heavy duty , crimping tool with variable dies , automatic wire stripper and cutter , out side micrometer , thermometer digital, infra red , mallet hard wood , hammer extractor type, rubber grip hock proof , hacksaw frame, heavy duty steel frame , try square , pliers flat nose insulated , pliers round nose insulated , tweezers , snip straight heavy duty , snip bent heavy duty , d.e. metric spanner double ended, 12 piece with set holder, chrome vnadium steel , plane cutter , electric hand planer, , smoothing cutters , gauge wire imperial stainless steel marked in swg mm , file half round , file round , file flat rough , file flat bastard , file flat smooth , file rasp, half round , soldering gun , automatic solder wire feed, temp. controlled tip , de soldering gun , torque wrench , pipe cutters , file flat 200mm 2nd cut boq title common tools and instruments
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50408381
Closing Date 06 - Jul - 2022  |  9 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of surgical instruments set, adson toothed forceps, metzenbaum curved scissors, needle holder, skin hook, bone nibbler, k wire bender cum cutter, bone cutter, hu,bys knife skin grafting knife type humby without blade.
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