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Product Detail : Procurement of main engine spares - gasket turbo, starter (m45pe/23), valve inlet and exhaust, valve collet (pair), lever rocker for fuel pump, spindle, rocker shaft assy, box spanner, v belt, pipe fuel tank to filter, flexible fuel pipe, gasket, expansion bellow, o ks 240 copaslip-250 gm upto 1100degc, valve exhaust, pressure transmitter, oil seal, zinc rod, pipe rocker supply, ball bearing skf 6208, oil temp guage, pump sea water, set bolt-m16x2x50 - 8.8, fly wheel ring gear, socket head cap screw m12x55-12.9, key, circlip, circlip 45 x 1.75, circlip, washer plain machanised, washer, washer copper, coper washer, bolt banjo, starting air valve assly, gasket for glacier filter gf600-11, gasket ring, gasket ring, gasket ring, disc spring, piston ring, piston ring, bearing t.e.complete, oil seal 190x160x15, set of spare gasket & o rings, o'- rings, anode, spring location pin, o ring dia 3 x dia 260, gt2 coalescer filter panel, o ring 8x880, spherical brg assembly, main bolt, links, spacer, hex bolt(position 14), cap screw (position 40), spring washer(position 41), overload roller, cap screw (position 80), dowel dia 25/27 mm, dowel dia 36 mm, cap head screw m10x30 mm, cap head screw m10x40 mm, cap head screw m10x45 mm, cap head screw m20x75mm, cap head screw m20x180 mm, cap head screw m24x75 mm, release spring, s/row ball bearing 110x240, s/row cyl roller bearing, shim set 1mm (2 piece), shim set 1/8" (2 piece), stub shaft, bearing spacer, retaining plate rear, retaining plate, end cap, air set 422-19-re, main bearing assly, ball bearing skf 6212, ball bearing skf 6209, shim, joint, bush (nozzle), 'o' ring ms29513 / 245, 60c7 viton, o' ring bush, threaded bush - fuel feed pump, couping flex mast 10011-4, thermostatic valve element (57-66), o,ring-for balmo ffp-idp 38x2v, cord rubber, neoprne jf 2727, injector assembly, gasket, sleeve dn 100, pn 16, sleeve dn150 pn16, stud m12 50/30 j=12 12.9 clas, set of gasket- for moatti filter, fuel feed pump- cw engine, gasket, gasket, o ring, glanding, o- ring, main bearing assly, set of gasket- moatti fuel filter hyd. motor, injection pump assly - dia23 -grad, gasket, gasket, o- ring, gasket pn 16, dn 100 type 01a, o ring an 77, 50d7, o ring 5x589 viton (20312), o ring, loctite, governor control air inlet connection, o ring, o ring, fresh water outlet temperature sensor, bearing seal housing, screw hm8-16. st. steel, screw m 27x2, washer, screw, filter element, loctite 480, set of gasket for filter housing, gasket pn6 dn40 t1.5mm-ferolite cs, metallic gasket, expansion bellow, clamping collar, corrugated joint, metallic joint, o ring an 30, 21a7, o ring, o ring, disc spring washer dia.56xdia.28.5x3, disc spring washer dia.40xdia.21.5x2, o ring, bush, bush, loctite 549, bearing on timing gear side, plug, cam shaft nut, loctile, bolt, bolt, small end bearing, ring assy piston scraper (oil scraper ring), rocking arm assly*, valve guide, cyl.head sleeve, stud, snep nut m16, valve seat, tappet, nut special, prc glue, screw, o' ring, bs ring c20,60c7, connection, valve safety, metafram bush bp25-16/20x20, ball bearing skf 6307, o'ring anno 53,nse 6.5,60, o-ring ann74 nse6.5 60c7, 'o' ring, ms29513/234, an6227, 60c7, loctite, cyclam seal, s.w.engine driven pump assembly, inlet manifold seal, exhaust manifold(lag), flexible sealing joint, bellow expansion (74507010), expansion bellow, clamp, clamping collar, cylinder head water outlet duct, lub oil pipe, gasket, flame arrestor, annular coupling spring, 'o' ring an33;3186, o'ring 151i.d.3d nse6.531, 21a7, b.s.ring, type c30, nse6.51, 20a8, sealing ring, retaining valve make gestra, viton oil seal(15x30x10), oring,an21,nse6.5,60c7, gasket, valve exhaust, indicator cock assembly, bengo bol t, fuel feed pump (cw) assly, fuel filter element, o ring for gf600 filt.(no.2090p), spanner for connecting rod bolts, tool for fitting & dismantling of vavl, high pressure hand pump, tool for cealing automizers holes, filter element, con rod brg (pair), magnetic pickup sensor (19050), charge air coller, air disributor disc, connection piece to turbocharger, flexible hose for sea water emd, flexible hose for sea water pump suction, bush, small end bush, air cleaner element, signalling lamp-orange, threshold card, bearings temp. display card, fuel rack sensor, speed sensor, solenoid valve nc (3/4), spool valve air operated 2 pilots (location 13), spool valve air operated 2 pilots (location 15), spool valve air operated 1 pilots (location 12), m/e sensor pt-100 depth 90mm, joint, cylinder liner, molycote, oks 200 molykote-250 gm upto 450 deg c, o ring-exh.valve guide-60 c7,id 18x2.5, set of gasket for gms moatti filt,motor mh114, exhaust valve, o ring (for liner collar), set bolt-m12x1.75x80-8.8, nut m6x1 gr.8, stud m12x1.75x45-8.8, self locking nut, copper washer(12x18), washer copper, pressure switch for clogging indicator, engine outlet temperature alarm switch 85c, inlet valve, ring ms 29513/126,60c7,nse 6.531, gasket for glacier filter gf60
Document Sale To : 28-8-2021 at 18:00 Hrs
Tender Location : Kerala - India
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Tender Closing Date : 25/10/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 26/10/2021 at 14:30 Hrs.
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Sub-Industry/Industry : Security Services - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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